Client Testimonial – Tarot Classes

I absolutely adore teaching. My technique is breaking things down into relatable pieces of information, with plenty of history behind it. When we know the ‘why’ it is easier to remember the how. When I teach, I consider all of the things I need as a learner, because tarot can be an overwhelming tool to dig into. You’ll walk away from my Intro class feeling confident picking up a deck and understanding a breakdown of how the cards are organized and structured!

Only one more week to sign up for Intro to Tarot at The Fharmacy in Lake Mills, Wisconsin! I am delighted that Tyranena Brewing reached out to initiate this collaboration with me.
Class is only $30 and you get a whooooole lotta content for that price! My tarot classes prior to this in Janesville have sold out about 12 times in a row now, so this time we’ll have a bigger venue!!
Bring your friends and make a night of it. Register here

Had a wonderful time at Brandi’s Intro to Tarot Class. I got to learn a lot of new things about tarot, such as the history behind tarot, common myths about tarot, all the different types of tarot decks, the break down of the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, specific suits and the meaning of the numerology behind the cards.

Brandi is down to earth and has a way of putting you at ease with her readings. Her readings are precise and to the point and get to the core of the answers you seek.

I’ve had multiple wonderful experiences with Brandi providing accurate, compassionate and insightful readings for myself and most recently my intuitive kiddo. Yesterday takes the cake, though, for showing me Brandi’s kindness and ability to go above and beyond with her gifts. I took her Tarot II class and wow is she a knowledgeable and professional teacher. She was also incredibly gracious when I messed up the time of the class and went out of her way to help me feel reassured and safe with continuing her lesson. I can’t recommend Brandi highly enough!
Brandi is phenomenal! I always enjoy every reading by her whether it’s her psychic readings or a tarot spread. I also attended her intro to tarot class and it was so informative and fun! I love her approach to tarot and that she is so supportive to all people – always being inclusive and ethical! I can’t wait to keep working with her whether it’s another reading or class.

I’m a skeptic so I approached my tarot class expecting to have fun and not much more. I never had strong feeling about tarot one way or another, to be honest.

Well, I definitely had a fun time, but so much more! I learned a lot about tarot’s history and Brandi dispelled a lot of myths I had grown up hearing. I loved digging in to the layers of symbolism in the card. I feel like I could learn about them for years to come and never learn it all!

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, Brandi is really fun and her classes are great. She has a fantastic ability to meet people where they’re at and is a very engaging presenter. I highly recommend checking her out!

I attended a tarot event by Brandi and it was more than I expected. She is very down to earth and a delight to be around. She was very informative and the class was 100% worth it.

Thank you again Brandi it was very nice to meet you!