Client Testimonial – Morgan

I received another client testimonial from another phenomenal small business owner. This lady puts her heart and soul into everything she does and I’m grateful she chose me as one of her tarot reader and teacher!
Brandi is phenomenal! I always enjoy every reading by her whether it’s her psychic readings or a tarot spread. I also attended her intro to tarot class and it was so informative and fun! I love her approach to tarot and that she is so supportive to all people – always being inclusive and ethical! I can’t wait to keep working with her whether it’s another reading or class.
When we invest in our community, a whole new way of viewing the world opens up. I have not always been this way, and it took a lot of healing and learning to get as far as I have. But I consider myself a lifelong learner. Pouring love into our life is key, always! I’m grateful to have a fantastic community surrounding me.
Do you have a favorite small business? Let’s boost our small business owners and share with others! Here is an article from Forbes detailing the benefits of supporting local establishments.
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