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Are you ready to book a psychic reading? Read through this page first! I am an authentic psychic medium, clairvoyant, and clairsentient, located in Madison, Wisconsin. My work is ethical and professional. 



Before you book

Understanding my style and services will help set proper expectations for your psychic reading. My abilities include: Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Claircognizance, Precognition, Retrocognition, Empathic, Aura/Etheric Sensing, and Psychometry.

It will also be helpful for you to know how to ask good quality questions, and you will be sure to have a fantastic experience!

What I do…

  • Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Psychic Readings
  • General guidance on romance, purpose, direction, transformation, and problem solving
  • Locating lost items/psychometry/remote viewing
  • Past Life Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Chakra Readings
  • Guidance on exploring your own intuition
  • Assistance developing positive affirmations and meditation skills
  • On a case by case basis: Paranormal Investigations, Space/Location Readings and Clearings

What I do NOT do…

  • Health/Medical Readings (this includes fertility and pregnancy predictions)
  • Psychotherapy, counseling, or psychiatry, emergency mental health assistance, etc.
  • Major events or quirky public predictions
  • Soulmate/Twin Flame Readings
  • Guaranteed connections from deceased loved ones (It does happen occasionally, but is never forced)
  • Readings about or on behalf of other people, consent is important.
  • Surprise readings, again…consent is important. (Try a gift card instead!)
  • Legal advice, real estate advice, business advice, etc. You should seek wise counsel and appropriately licensed individuals for this information. Use common sense!
  • Specific information regarding numbers, outcomes, predictions, etc.
  • Curses or curse-breaking, conjuring, spells, magic.
  • Hypnosis or Past Life Regression
  • Gallery readings, stage shows, cold readings, channeling, or seances
  • Use Ouija, ovilus, emf detectors, ghost boxes,
  • Communication with dark/negative energy
  • Questions about criminal activity, convictions, or trials.


Terms & Conditions

By clicking “Book a Psychic Reading” you are confirming you are 18 years of age or older, and you have read and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions. You will complete your client information first and then be directed to a third party site to schedule your appointment and pay.

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