Identify Your Abilities: Claircognizant

Have you ever just known something, to your core you just knew, but didn’t have any evidence or receipts to back it up? I’m not talking about gaslighting, nor assumptions. I’m talking about having information that was never disclosed to you or discussed, but you already knew about it. THAT is claircognizance!

Some Perspective

This ability can show up in some awkward or confusing ways in our life. It can also tend to drive folks who have it a little bonkers. They may feel that the ability is completely useless, or frustrating, or maybe that it isn’t worth mentioning or discussing. Claircognizance can challenge us to remember where information may have been sourced, but when you comb your brain for that memory and cannot find it, you may feel a bit frustrated.

A Personal Example

One personal and more recent example I can think of, is the time I was chatting with one of the managers at a local winery I occasionally read at. One day I said, “Congratulations on starting the hiring process for an event coordinator, I’m sure it will take a lot off of your plate!” She gave me a baffled look and replied “we (her and the owner) discussed it and are getting ready to announce it soon, but it isn’t public information”. I told her I could have sworn that maybe I saw it posted online in a local group we were in, and that’s where I got the info from. She just shook her head no and mentioned “I definitely believe you saw it, but it was not posted yet”. After that I was kind of weirded out and realized that it was my darn claircognizance kicking in. This moment was mixed with a bit of precognition (knowing something before it happens). Later that day, I looked up the group online to see if I could find that posting, and it did NOT exist. So wild!

Claircognizance can be tough on our confidence, because we could often use logic to write off thoughts about things that we have information on. It can also drive someone into a higher state of anxiety. Mostly because they have no way of proving something, unless their life includes folks or resources that are transparent and honestly open to discussing things.

Keep Your Receipts

One of my favorite ways to balance the emotions and thoughts around this ability is to create a record of ‘receipts’. If you are claircognizant and have had a reading with me, you’ve heard me discuss the importance of our ‘receipts’. When I use this word it means remembering or even recording moments where you have a knowledge of something and then later you find that it was correct. If we can keep record of those moments, and look back to see those examples, we are creating an evidence log that encourages us to trust our instincts, when they kick in. Rather than ignore them as silly, or suppress them.

Timing Factor

There are different versions of claircognizance that exist. A timing spectrum can create more depth or detail to the ability when it shows up as ‘retrocognition’ or ‘precognition’.

Retrocognition shows up when we know something that has happened in the past. It can come up in a reading to provide context for the client I’m working with at the moment. But in a more fascinating way, this shows up when I visit historical locations. Sometimes I see the past events as they actually happened, and not how historians have documented them. It really has made me question who gets to write our history and why. This is one ability that has made me a big supporter of human rights and allowing more representation and voices at the table; when it comes to shaping laws, education, and history. So if you ever wonder why a psychic is so vocal about human rights and politics, THAT is exactly why. In my life, I tend to value truth and transparency, as well as the concept of rebirth and change. If we aren’t learning from the painful past mistakes, and trying to change, then what are we really doing here?


*Trigger Warning: Suicide*


Precognition can show up when we are sensing something coming up that has not happened yet. The night before my father passed away, I had dreamt that there was a commotion in a neighborhood and all of the neighbors were outside. I just knew my father was locked inside his house, in pain, and about to hurt himself. I couldn’t get into the house, no matter how hard I tried. Banging on windows and doors. Trying to pry things open, and kick doors down. There was no entry into the house, and I couldn’t see anything inside. Then I heard it. One gunshot from inside the house. It sent a flush of chills throughout my body and I screamed and cried in agony and fear. This dream still haunts me today. When I woke up, I told my partner at the time about it because it felt so real. Later that day, we received a call that he had passed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I didn’t even know my father had purchased a gun just days before. He was never a gun person. But a lot changed for him when he isolated and moved to Florida, away from family. This was the most difficult and personal example of precognition that I can recall in my life. And it occurred before I was doing any psychic work.