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My website, blog, and podcasts are all run by Psychic Readings by Brandi. My blog includes spiritual self-care, messages of inspiration, social justice, astrology, tarot, and insight on current events. My heart is in educating people during shifts, and mentoring from an empowerment focus. I also enjoy visiting spaces to help folks understand how their experiences may tie into the history of a location. My goal is to work with more archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, and ethical paranormal groups; in order to bring social justice to the forefront of our historical lenses.


Brandi is an ethical & professional clairvoyant/medium with over 11 years of experience. She specializes in a multitude of psychic modalities each one suited to fit her client’s needs. Her work focuses on inspiring you to seek clarity & transformation in your life that will help you to embrace change.


I’ve been reading professionally for 11 years. My portfolio includes a wide range from working with small business owners, authors, homeowners, educators, healthcare workers, mental health professionals, historians, public servants, even people with unique objects looking for leads on information. I’ve read at the Madison Women’s Expo with Psychics Unite, worked with local ethical paranormal teams, taught meditation to the UW Madison Society of Women Engineers, and even taught a construction crew to cleanse a site with spiritual activity. I love new experiences! My certification is through the Madison Psychic Institute, where I studied under Patti Bee in the Berkeley lineage.

Who I’m interested in working with:

  • Publishers be advised, I love to write! Looking for an emerging author? Let’s talk.
  • Professional organizations, businesses, and students. Interested in a private event or custom class? (e.g. planning with astrology, aura cleansing for high stress, psychic protection 101, clearing negative energy, etc).
  • Businesses and organizations in Southern Wisconsin that would like to host me as a pop-up in their space, include me as a vendor in a high volume event, or hire me outright for a private event.
  • Ethical paranormal teams, looking to understand more about the energy of a space.
  • International shows, bookshops, blogs, magazines, or podcasts, looking to connect. I value relationships with folks I can explore with on my travels. Have an idea? Let’s discuss!
  • Travel shows, magazines, authors, blogs, etc. I have many experiences around Wisconsin, I’d be happy to share.
  • Professionals in the realm of history, archaeology, education, or anthropology. Are you looking for a psychic to join you on your journeys? Let’s have a conversation regarding what that may look like to you.
  • People from the metaphysical community who may want to collaborate. I love making new friends.

How to Contact Me

The best way is via email Follow me on my various social media platforms here. I do not use DMs on social media and my phone line is reserved for pre-booked client readings. I will never reach out to offer you a reading, be aware of scammers.


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