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Friday Affirmation – 2021.03.12

Friday Affirmation: I can do less and attract more This week I stopped my daily social media posts and scrolling, and started focusing on being present. As soon as I did, I felt free and was so energized! The universe delivered little glimpses of abundance to me that I am grateful for, some were hilarious…

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Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.26

Daily Tarot Card Reading: High Priestess (Reversed)

Self Care Series: Healing for Natal Leo Moons

Were you born with a Leo Moon? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit the Leo Moon stereotypes out there? Watch this video I created on healing and self care for my fellow Leo Moons! Follow me on Instagram! #leomoons #leomoon #natalleomoon #selfcare #healing #confidence #innerchild #shinebrightlikeadiamond #leomoonplacements

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.25

Daily Tarot Card Reading: 9 of Swords (Reversed)

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.24

Daily Tarot Card Reading: the Moon

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.23

Daily Tarot Card Reading: 4 of Cups (Reversed)

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.22

Daily Tarot Card Reading: the Fool (Reversed)

Friday Affirmation – 2021.02.19

Friday Affirmation to bring us into the weekend:

Daily Tarot Card Reading – 2021.02.18

Daily Tarot Card Reading: the Lovers (Reversed)


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