Paranormal Investigation: Psychic Walkthrough – Summary – May 14th, 2020
Location Name and Team Names have been omitted FROM this post for anonymity.

In May I was invited to complete a space reading at a potentially haunted local business. This is the summary of my experience.

Two days prior to visiting this location I dreamt of walking down a dark hallway, towards a flourescent-lit kitchen. A man was walking around the kitchen trying to organize or find things. He was getting frustrated. I had never been to this location before, I did not speak with the owners beforehand, and I did not know what the place looked like.

Upon arrival I entered the location and noticed everything was under construction and I was instantly drawn
to the front of the building towards the main road. When I turned to walk that direction I saw exactly the image of the kitchen in my dream from the end of the hallway. We started our investigation in the basement, but we debunked any feeling there quickly due to the electrical wiring causing a feeling of disorientation.

Once upstairs I made my way down the hall towards the kitchen. I was instantly drawn to tune in. Something (most likely a tool or rock from the ground) shifted or dragged across the floor about four feet behind me. This is when I connected with the first spirit.

The first presence I encountered was a white male between 60-65, about 6′ tall, medium build with a bit of a belly. He seemed to have a gentle and kind demeanor, very friendly, like a caretaker of the space. I got that he had worked there, he was appearing to me as a cook or kitchen manager. He had a white t-shirt on and a white apron tied around his waist. When I asked how he died I got something with his liver (cirrhosis). He chuckled in embarrassment and explained that he didn’t want to bother me with the details. I wrote on my notepad that his name was Dan/Dave and he was making fun of how I wrote down the ‘a’ in Dan because it looked like an ‘o’, then he started making funny comments about Don Julio.

He apologized for the place looking so unorganized from the construction, and said he was trying to get everything back in order. You could tell he felt defeated about it. T (also a skilled Psychic Medium I’ve known for a decade) joined me in the same spot, and we tried recording an EVP. As soon as I asked him aloud how he died, we both heard distant audible chuckles, but it did not reflect on the recorder. We both again felt him communicate that drinking was involved with his death.

Next I also validated a feeling T was getting in the corner of the small nook/bumpout area next to the
kitchen. What we encountered seemed to be residual and it included inappropriate touching. It is
possible an assault may have occurred in that corner and the energy from that trauma still exists. I believe
women only experience this as a physical sensation in inappropriate places on their bodies.
We had the men stand in the same spot and they felt nothing. We also felt a cold spot in that area.

In the kitchen I felt something gets a rise out of scaring folks and might play with the freezer doors. I believe people might feel like they are being followed, their neck/hair is touched, or they are being watched while leaving the freezer. This energy may be tied to something in the upstairs level (which we could not investigate/access). We asked aloud if the spirit liked playing tricks on people and if they could show us a trick, and we immediately heard banging on the cieling, like a bowling ball dropping above the kitchen entryway.

Finally, when T encountered a man in the front section of the building looking out the window. She picked up a lot of information about him. He was friendly to her; but he was angrily pacing along the kitchen wall in front of the window, when I walked into the area. I got that he may react to different age groups in different ways.

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Butterfly © Psychic Readings by Brandi


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