Today the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter brings a domino effect of future change to our world. Technology, humanitarian efforts, anything involving wind/air, all at the forefront of this shift. We could potentially see more of a Big Brother essence taking shape with our current status, but the seeds have been planted and change appears to be on the way. There is greater promise that this shift brings increased equality and positive, person-forward, systemic reformation/expansion.

Expect to see social justice saturating these movements. This will initiate a ripple effect – setting tone for the next 20 years, which will then affect the next 80 years, and finally carrying us into a 200 year wave of expansion (which equates to transitioning us into the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..a mere 200ish yrs away).

We are a glimmer of hope for the future. Today is the beginning of something greater. With it happening on Solstice, and still phasing out of our eclipse afterglow, the energy is amplifying this particular conjunction…making it kind of a big deal. Today we welcome the light once again!

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