Have you been feeling frustrated, or tense this week? More so than usual? Yes, even more so than the COVID and winter shoveling stuff? Well, there’s probably a reason. There’s a major transit arriving on Wednesday.

Take it slow. Think it through. Consider alternative solutions. © Psychic Readings by Brandi www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

On February 17th we will have our first big transit of 2021. Saturn in Aquarius (conjunct Jupiter) will square Uranus in Taurus. Squares are a moment of tension (like when you’ve stretched the band of a slingshot before it launches). Before you grimace, the aspects do favor positive change for the greater good. They may carry a bit of shadow work, but if you lean in gently and embrace progress, things will be ok. Slapping ductape on it, throwing blame, running away, or making quick decisions, these are not going to be an option this time.

This particular square transit will occur two more times this year. Once mid June, and another on Christmas Eve. It will likely come with some life-altering changes that could take shape over the next year. Fear not. If you are ready to embrace positive change and lean into new solutions, this transit may be a pain initially but will be well worth it in the end. It’s essentially going to bring any old systems that are not working well to light and force us to deal with the issues that need fixing. Instead of breaking ties and trashing what we don’t like, we’ll be better off by leaning into accountability and positive change.

You may have noticed the shadow phase of this square transit has been unfolding in TX with the climate crisis now impacting residents in big ways weatherwise. The state of TX has a long heritage tied to fossil fuels. It has historically made decisions to continue investing a majority in old and non-renewable sources, and has made a big point to keep federal government out of their state energy structure…which profits the oil industry. Taurus rules resources of the earth.

When a system or structure is no longer in line with solutions for the greater good, those that hold onto old ways tightly (and for the preservation of a past that may not benefit the future), will unexpectedly be forced to re-assess their choices in big ways. Saturn is a planet of structure and it’s currently in Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign that shows up for communities with big ideas that may not be accepted by society quite yet. It happens to be ruled by the element of air, which would include things like communication, technology…and wind). This square may create karmic challenges for folks that are becoming greedy and isolated from the concept of true community, in order to clear out the crud to ensure that those most in need are taken care of going forward.

When better solutions are available, life will have a funny way of forcing you to take a more serious look at them, instead of tossing those solutions aside because of what you are comfortable with. Add that layer of the effects of climate change being forced by the element of air far enough south, where global warming deniers are aplenty…we’ve got quite a big moment of clarity and re-evaluation to address. Will the lesson from the Universe be absorbed and processed?

In addition to the Taurus elements I covered earlier, this sign is often believed to represent the rooted economy and Capitalism. Currently our existing energy systems support old money and capitalistic structures that have left many out.

It’s no surprise the Biden administration has also decided to announce plans for a Civilian Climate Corp program focusing on CCC ethics for a green initiative, this evening. A moment that really reflects this thick Aquarian energy.

The energy crisis in Texas is one example of how this transit could be showing up, but it certainly can show up in your day to day structures as well.

If you are naturally feeling tense from the recent energy building up this week….take things slowly and think things through, before making any decisions. Tensions could be high tomorrow, so stop and reassess the situation. There may be a simple and obvious solution that you possibly casted aside in the past. Take a second look and see what may be more practical, or how you can reinvest your energy in smart and efficient ways. It’s important to ensure that your mindset supports decisions based on the highest good for the best outcome, for all involved.

2021 is considered the year of the Hierophant. A card of Venusian-style themes, capitalism, structures of knowledge, resources, land management, earth, spiritual advisory, and is considered the moment the wheel of fortune takes a turn. © Psychic Readings by Brandi www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

You can read more about the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius here. However, Uranus has been moving through Taurus for a couple of years now. This planet maintains it’s presence in a sign for about 7 years. It’s a planet that brings big transformation and change. Taurus is a sign that symbolizes all things Venusian-style…earth, food, energy, fertility, resources, abundance, beauty.

Things that Uranus in Taurus will continue teaching the collective over the next several years:

1.Investing in alternative solutions (greener solutions, harvesting/harnessing growth in technology, abundant possibilities)

2.Transforming how and what we consume (food, energy, etc)

3.Taking stock in what you have and not throwing away what you can already make work (recycle, repair, refurbish, and appreciate)

4.Diversifying the concept of what we define as ‘beauty’. (Radical self acceptance and self love, tearing down structural vanity)

5.Knowing your value (set healthier boundaries with work, balance more time with home/family, connecting with the earth, being compensated for your true worth)

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