Identify Your Abilities: Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is probably the most commonly discussed psychic ability that exists. Many movies and shows depict psychics as folks who can visualize moments, or see spirits as though they are standing in front of them. However, clairvoyance can show up in many ways as a psychic ability.

One of the common misconceptions among mentors is that psychic abilities are on some sort of hierarchy or continuum. I remember being taught that clairvoyance was the skill you work up to. However, my journey began with clairvoyance, and I do think that all of our abilities are important for a number of reasons. So I prefer to take a differentiated approach to how I mentor my clients and teach my students. All of my mentees have fantastic abilities that span many sensory experiences. I prefer to look at our makeup of skills as more of an individual 3d radar chart, or a 5d plot chart. Or maybe even similar to an atomic orbital.

How It Might Show Up

Imagine witnessing vivid colors floating around each person you tune in to. Almost like peeking at a smartbulb’s app settings, or a color combination in your web design palette. This is how an auric energy field might appear, when you are around others. How about holding onto an object from history, and seeing pops and flashes about how it may have been used, important events it was part of, or when it was uncovered? We can see psychically, in many ways.

One example I can think of is when I am tuned in and experiencing something as though I am another person (or in some cases an animal). I have helped more than one friend by describing where their dog may have been, during a time they were lost or separated. In those situations, I described the environment and any surroundings, what it felt like, the pace of movement, or action depicted.

Another example is when a deceased loved one visits during a session. I get to see them as they need to show themselves to me. So in some cases, I may see how they looked at a time in their life that they were passing from an illness, or I may see someone who is showing themself to me as they were known by others durign their life.

Whatever the case, when you see in images, pictures, symbols, it really feels like you are playing the boardgame Mysterium. This is an interesting game where you are given small cards with images, as clues to understanding the full picture of something that happened. You have to use the limited symbolism and photos, to describe what happened.


Using clairvoyance can be very helpful, if you are able to remember a lot of detail in what you see. It’s all about the ability to translate that imagery effectively. When it comes to having visual experiences, using words can feel inefficient, or cause frustration. So mediums and psychics with clear visions, do have to get good at filtering the information received, and then regurgitate that to an effective form of data sharing.