Bats remind us tap into our senses for guidance. They are fearless in flight because they use vibrational information to convey important messages about their path. Just as we admire birds in the daytime, flying through the sunny sky, it’s important to honor bats of the night. Light and dark are part of every life, and the bat teaches us to learn how to find our way through the dark. They are also very social and family oriented. They aren’t afraid to work through their differences with healthy and constructive levels of conflict. They tend to huddle and bond closely when in the cave, and can also fly in large groups with great ease. This has to do with their exceptional communication skills, and ability to feel their way through anything. In order to make a decision,they fully feel a sensation and process it. Something to chew on as we head towards the Solstice.

Bats – Saturday Oracle Card Reading – © Psychic Readings by Brandi

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Sidenote: Bats are really an essential part of balance in our ecosystem, the rise of mosquitoes have been attributed to the issues with white nose syndrome (a fungus found in caves, that is destroying our bat populations).