Identify Your Abilities: Clairgustance

Last week we discussed Clairolfaction. This week I wanted to touch on a similar ability called clairgustance. We tend to use our sense of smell and olfactory to understand what we are tasting. However, Clairgustance is the ability to receive psychic information via taste or flavor.

On occasion you may taste things that you are not familiar with, so it’s much easier for someone to use this ability if they tend to try lots of different foods and explore various cuisines. You tend to narrow down information quicker when you have a good understanding of how your palate could be linking the taste to your thoughts.

Some people may experience the taste of things specific and unique to people who have passed (maybe a relative had a favorite food or drink), locations (think the energy of restaurants of the past), or even information relating to how someone passed (alcohol, chemical poison, blood from physical trauma, medication, etc). I have also received psychic information which I can only describe as the metallic taste of an ozone of radiation or electricity, which gave me information about something specific I was trying to understand.

Trigger Warning: Violence, Death
Clairgustance isn’t always related to tasting a food. Sometimes this experience can be unpleasant. One example that comes to mind is tasting dirt in my mouth. While I was on vacation in Northern Wisconsin once, I felt pulled towards a specific road and needed to drive down it. There was a dead end along a wooded area, where I came across the spirit of a woman showing me the moment she was trying to escape two men that had been chasing her. It was so clear that I could taste the dirt and plant foliage in my teeth and mouth, and feel it in my nose, as though I had hit the ground hard and face-first.
Have you experienced some form of clairgustance at any point in your life?