Daily Tarot Card Reading: King of Pentacles (reversed). Who are you trying to impress? What point are you trying to make? But more importantly, why? You may be stunting your growth with stubbornness and bending concepts to support a personal perspective. What does it mean to you, to be wrong? How and why are you afraid of it? Instead, step back and focus on what is truly important. Shift focus into mature growth. Those who are truly wise, know there is always room for improvement, always room for growth. Walking towards personal growth is true abundance. Knowledge is power and the truth will set you free. Another note about this card, it can also be referring to a leader that you look up to or that you follow.

Daily Tarot Card Reading – King of Pentacles Reversed – Psychic Readings by Brandi. http://www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

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