Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark Podcast

Episode 9: The Close

Our special guest, Mercury Pothecare, entertains us with a tale from days hosting historical tours in the famous Mary King’s Close of Edinburgh.

Here’s a wee bit about our guest:
Mercury is a Scottish Tarot Reader, Spiritual Candlemaker and Coach based in UK.

Website –
Instagram – @mercurypothocare
Facebook – MPothocare
Twitter – MPothocare

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About Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark Podcast:

Psychics share personal paranormal experiences. From encounters with ghosts, orbs, disembodied voices, shadow figures, to visits from the dead, we all have an eerie story to tell. Join your host Psychic Readings by Brandi (@psychicreadingsbybrandi) , for these scary psychic tales, IF you dare! Recommended for fans of: Horror, Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Psychic stuff, Spooky stuff, and lovers of general oddities or creepy things.

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