Saturday Oracle Reading: the Spider.

It really gets less credit than it deserves. A #spider is a magnificent creator. Weaving intricate and effective webs wherever they may find themselves. They are adaptable and efficient in their creations. After destruction of their web, they simply rebuild.

The full moon #eclipse in Gemini on Monday is encouraging us to accept a big shift in our world. Maybe something you’ve cared for is now destroyed or needs to be shed. Whatever it is, do not fear #release. It can be rebuilt again, in an even more amazing light. As you weave a new beautiful web, realize that you are the master of your reality. #Adapt to find what works better for you each time you must #release, #rebuild, or #create something new.

Crystals: #Obsidian spider (@mimosaspirit) and #citrine (@yatzurishop)

Deck: Sawyer’s Nature Portals Oracle Deck by @jamiesawyer_336

The Spider – Weekend Oracle Card Reading – © Psychic Readings by Brandi

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