November 2020: Astrological Highlights

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn

Hang onto your butts. November appears to have similar energy to that of April and June. Jupiter is conjunct Pluto starting on the 12th. We’ll need to take everything that we learned about humanity during the events of the spring and summer, then apply it to how we move forward in the world. Be careful of what you are consuming, when it comes to information. With Saturn in the mix, there is bound to be friction and attempts to create sudden limitations. Check ALL sources carefully, and do not spread information unless it is 100% factual.

The beginning of this winter is a test that reflects our growth from lessons we’ve been challenged to learn over the spring and summer. It’s like a pop quiz for humanity. This energy can cause dominant people to go to great lengths to try and keep their power; this could occur if they no longer fit within a framework due to a lack of self-improvement. My advice to you? If you are in the states: 1) Make sure you are following all CDC recommendations for COVID very very carefully 2) Do everything you can to help support the Georgia Senate Race (call your friends/family in GA and make sure they are set to vote, then throw a donation towards the senators or Fair Fight)  3) Show your support for compassion that will create a better future for all involved, and side with better human rights and protecting the environment! Humanity is counting on us to finally get this right. As the saying goes: “If you want to heal the world, heal yourself first.”


Mercury just recently stationed direct and hopped back into Scorpio. This is a time that brings our curiosity and investigative nature into focus. This energy can make us want to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING. What’s one example of how I used Mercury in Scorpio energy to my advantage? I hired a quality licensed inspector to complete a very detailed home inspection during this time. Why? We bought a home! It’s an old house, and I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into! What’s another way to look at this energy? Be careful not to obsess during this time, it is far too easy to get swept up in, or even obsessed with, sleuthing! This energy can naturally expose details over time, so let it!


We’re finally at the tail end of this Mars Retrograde, so don’t be surprised if you are still feeling ‘stuck’ through Friday November 13th. You may have a bit more pep in your step after next weekend is finished. For those of you that reached out last month, thank you for the typo correction! I had my dates flipped and they have since been updated.

New Moon in Scorpio

Lastly, if you enjoy positive affirmations, goal-setting, and making wishes, Sunday’s New Moon will be in SCORPIO! Can you tell it’s my favorite sign? I’m biased. This is a great time to make wishes and plans surrounding things like: Politics, Transformation, Finances, Sex, Issues Surrounding Power, and Self-Mastery. Welcome a new and powerful chapter into your life starting on Sunday…(which also happens to be my birthday) so it’s gonna be an extra special day, ya hear?! 🙂