Self Care Tips – Retrogrades Fall 2020!

Read on to get yourself ready for fall retrograde season. I’ll give you the information you need to navigate flawlessly.

What is a retrograde and why should I care? A retrograde is an astrological event, where planets appear to be traveling backwards in the sky (but it is simply an optical illusion caused by their orbit patterns). Why should you care? Retrogrades can slow down or impair our normal flow. We are currently experiencing one significant retrograde, and are about to jump into another. See my tips below to keep you in good shape during this time!

Mars Retrograde 2020 (September 9th-November 13th)

Mars is a planet of action. It rules areas of our lives that involve intensity such as goals, ambition, and even sex! When Mars starts to retrograde it can make us feel slow, sluggish, and frustrated. You will feel a ‘hurry up and wait’ approach taking the reigns on anything you mean to start during this time. The fact that this retrograde occurs mostly under the sign Aries can particularily cause tempers to flare and any repressed anger to surface. A retrograde is an important time for us to evaluate how we currently approach things in life and to make adjustments.

Keeping cool as a cucumber is going to be an important strategy for this timeframe, as you will find those who tend to start fights during a Mars Retrograde will be sure to lose big time. You’ll be forced to wait longer than usual, the stagnation could drive you to new depths. It’s time to observe those feelings and learn a new way to react. Once Mars stations direct again, you’ll be reelin’ and ready to go with all sorts of newness! But you’ll need to take a rest and reflect first. Mars Retrograde also encourages us to rest and care for ourselves more than usual, because we may be prone to more illness or injury due to the stress of the time.


Mercury Retrograde 2020 (October 14th-November 3rd)

Mercury is the planet of communication and coordination. When it goes retrograde you can expect miscommunications, travel plans or contracts having issues, messages not sent or received, and important devices or machines breaking down. First thing to do, make sure everything you need to use regularily is in good working order, your computer is backed up, car is tuned up, and you double check all of your emails, texts, mail, before you send it out. It is not advisable to sign contracts, schedule important events, or book travel during this time. It is also important to allow extra travel time in all you do and to expect delays.

The important thing to know about this particular retrograde is that it is in Scorpio a sign of secrets, investigation, and rebirth. This combination causes the truth to surface on important matters, and it also makes it easy to get to the bottom of critical issues. We need to be careful we’re not obsessive in our attempt to seek information during this time, facts, sources, and credibility are of the utmost importance. I couldn’t happen but notice that during the shadow period (the time when mercury begins to transition to a retrograde) we saw 45’s tax returns released. Keep an eye on this election to see how things pan out.

Important Advice!

The best advice I can give to you during this retrograde is to vote EARLY and make sure that you check to see your ballot was counted online after you vote. It will allow you time to make a plan B and reach out to your city clerk in case anything happens. Drop your ballot off in person at a designated drop site if you can, or vote early at the library/city hall in person, if possible. Do not wait until Election Day, because this will be in the thick of Mercury Retrograde and things can go wrong.

Be prepared and you’ll navigate this retrograde season like a boss!


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