Daily Oracle Card: Goddess Maeve. Honoring Cycles and Rhythms of the Body.

This message has come up in a couple of client readings lately as well! A great message for you to reflect on this day. Our bodies tell us exactly what we need, if we choose to listen and honor them. It’s important to rest and nourish ourselves as needed. Start to pay a bit more attention to when you are feeling energized vs tired, shy vs social, happy vs sad. Although we don’t experience these things on a polarized spectrum, noticing the intersectional messages your body is giving you, will help you to understand exactly what you may need to modify in order to find informed life balance. For example, if you are resting too much, to avoid boredom or depression, you may need a spark of excitement or a new challenge to explore! Have fun with learning more about your cycles and rhythms, you are learning to master your world.

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