I’ve had a small few readings in my life, but none of them ever resonated as deeply as the one I had with Brandi. I felt really called to seek out her guidance and she told me afterwards that she had actually felt the same. I gave her a rather brief idea of what I was seeking answers to and she absolutely hit the nail on the head in every single way possible. She not only answered my questions (with SUCH relevant cards), but provided guidance as to where I might end up after my problem was resolved, which helped make me feel so hopeful for the future. She provided such a thorough explanation of each card – both a traditional explanation, and what the cards meant to her. As a learning tarot reader myself, I found her explanations to be so, so helpful. She was incredibly kind, gentle, and treated me as a friend, reassuring me that my experience was not uncommon and that I could get through it. I really feel like Brandi went above and beyond and I cannot recommend her enough!