Tarot Readings at the Dodge County Historical Society – A Fundraiser for Effigy Mounds Initiative

Dodge County Historical Society Proudly Presents
Psychic Readings by Brandi
Saturday October 7th, 2023 1-4pm
Readings are $20, first come first served.
105 Park Ave in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the Effigy Mounds Initiative.
Explore all three floors of this gem of a museum while you wait.

About Brandi
Brandi is an ethical & professional psychic clairvoyant and medium, with over a decade of experience. Trusted and respected. She specializes in a multitude of psychic modalities, each one suited to fit her client’s needs. Her work focuses on providing clarity which inspires you to embrace change.
About the DCHS
The Dodge County Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation, advancement and dissemination of the knowledge and history of Dodge County, Wisconsin, specifically Beaver Dam.
The Dodge County Historical Society, an affiliate of the Wisconsin State Historical Society, was formed in 1938, for the preservation of articles pertaining to pioneer days and to the early history of Beaver Dam.
Mr. Joseph Hoyt was selected as the first president. The museum was located on the second floor of the Concert Hall in a room, which for several years prior to the building of the City Hall, served as a council chamber. The acquisitions of the society grew rapidly and additional room on the same floor was provided. Many articles were reconditioned at the headquarters of the State Wide Museum Project, Milwaukee, a branch of the WPA. The society had been the dream of Caroline Beule, one of the chief organizers, for many years.
About EMI (Effigy Mounds Initiative)
It’s Initiative, goals, and mission is to engage anyone who is interested in and dedicated to the protection and care of Native American burial mounds and their accompanying sacred ritual space. It is intended to allow individuals, organizations, and groups who are interested, and or actively involved in mound site protection and care efforts around WI, IA, Il, and MN to post about these efforts. We also welcome education information from membership about other mound sites from around the country that highlight other ancient mound building cultures and other types of Native American ceremonial and burial sites.