Here’s the thing about Mercury Retrograde. It’s not a bad thing. It gives us a chance to slow down and plan, double check, and be present in the moment. I’m travelling in Italy right now. Although we’ve had our travel mixups and delays along the way, it is something we knew to allow plenty of time for. I’m not attached to a specific outcome, because the moon in pisces allows me to release that energy, and allow what is necessary to work its way towards me. It makes me confident in a way that excited me, to see what’s the next happy surprise around the corner.

Sure you can plan and schedule and confirm, I do. But a full moon in Pisces says not to get too emotionally attached to that outcome you have all picked out. The universe is going to knock you on your butt occasionally and it’s important to take note. How do you respond? If we allow ourselves moments to step back and receive insight, during a time of crisis, it can be deeply healing and oddly calming. With this astrology we could be emotionally drained if we keep trying out ways that no longer work. But if we take a step back, sometimes we’ll find the struggle is unnecessary and the surrender is our true friend. Something we could have never imagined is waiting to teach you something, waiting to show up and surprise you. Let more of that in!