Fall Transit Tips: An Energetic Outlook

As we head into this phase of Venus in Scorpio, and Mercury Retrograde in Libra, a few tips! A season of some big shadow work and the uprooting of hidden truths is upon us. Change is about to swoop us up and carry us into relationships that align with our higher purpose!

Gladiolus is a symbol of strength and protection. Roman gladiators often wore them in battle. © Psychic Readings by Brandi

1. This is THE fall season to steer clear from gossip, drama, and clique-like behavior. Venus in Scorpio likes to play with power. It’s time to apply the quality versus quantity concept in relationships. Things that trigger fear, reduce trust, and provide lustful spurts of satisfaction (versus quality satiety), will all be a theme. Vulnerability and intimacy are going to be fantastic elements to delve into. These two qualities will strip you naked, redeem you, and set you free! Feel the raw healing of this moment.

After watching the recent events of the last presidency unfold, I’ve spent a large portion of my year in reflection. This year I’ve had quite a bit of time to research the concept of hysteria, in particular. As well as how folks use it to sow confusion to acquire control. Our minds are our biggest currency today, so it’s important to protect yourself! Know that the truth will come out this season. Be mindful of your sources.

2. Center and celebrate, your accomplishments from this year matter. Are you being supported and nurtured in a healthy way? Codependency can easily be disguised as support. It’s ok if you need to walk away, you will find yourself reborn, once you’ve processed the chapter ending. Release the concept of familiarity as a crutch, and step into the unknown. The discomfort is a passing moment in your life. It’s hard work to learn and change. It’s important to remember you will never have 100% approval.

3. Reduce distractions and curb your people pleasing. Get focused on YOU. It’s time to run in your own personal race. Be aware of mind games and energy vampires. Although people use the term ‘cult’ loosely in conversation….See below for tips from this CBS news article on what to look for when identifying cult like behavior. This behavior is much more common than you think! You can encounter it in toxic friendships, families, and even workplace environments.

Spotting cult like behavior:

Pressure. Whether it’s to be involved, to make a decision quickly, to show appreciation, or to get organized for a certain cause. Take a step back and address whether you are feeling rushed or herded.

Leadership. Is there a pattern or history of drama? Does this person boast about being THE source? Do they consistently draw obvious comparisons between themselves and to others that are making mistakes? Do your research. How have folks that left their circle been treated?

Cliques. Is there an inner circle that supports the leader with 100% dedication? Often times this circle could put pressure on people in the general crowd/circle to feel and act a certain way. They may begin to instill fear based behavior to condition a group to maintain thinking in line with idolizing the leader. Take an objective look at the full network surrounding this person or these people.

Deception. After a while, the group maybe isn’t what you thought. There may be pressure to act and think a certain way. You may be encouraged more often to give your time, or resources, to the culture/person/group/leader.

Exploitation. You could be targeted financially, psychologically, emotionally, and in extreme cases even sexually. This especially may happen when you attempt to withdraw from the culture or group.

“A very important aspect of cult is the idea that if you leave the cult, horrible things will happen to you. This is important, and it’s important to realize. People outside of a cult are potential members, so they’re not looked upon as negatively as people inside the cult who then leave the cult.”

Taking Action This Season


Kick off the 22nd strong by welcoming the autumnal equinox! It’s time to center, stabilize, harvest all of your hard work. Reap the rewards of any efforts you put in over the year. Connect with nature and disconnect from electronics for a bit. Feel the peace of no distractions pull you into alignment.

Use Mercury Retrograde to really reflect and review. What can be done better? What needs to be reworked or revisited that maybe isn’t getting the attention it needs? Is there anything that needs repair from my side? Weigh the pros and cons based upon YOUR needs. There may be hidden truths exposed, and you might find yourself learning some tough lessons. It’s all part of the process. So don’t focus on the change, focus on the future. Go deep!

My favorite RE word to address during a Mx…respect. what is the level of respect in this situation? Does it encourage trust, wellbeing, and safety? Being a Scorpio myself, we are very loyal, so addressing the level of respect in a relationship can be a unique challenge. It comes down to…do you feel your level of skill, quality, or achievements are appreciated? And vice versa. Setting healthy boundaries and not letting others take advantage of you is very important.

One day on your healing journey, you will look back to see that you may have been apologizing to folks that actually harmed you. You owe it to yourself to keep growing, to shine on, and to be HAPPY!


If you are needing to break it off from a toxic relationship, or clique, and worry about where to go from there, October is going to be a great time to do so. October’s New Moon in Libra on the 6th will be a great time to refresh your view. Visit prospective or new relationships that support a fully aligned path, with love! It will be easier to walk away, when you have something to look forward to. The full moon in Aries on the 20th will feel a little intense. It may feel like a tower moment. This is a powerful moon to finally shed anything not aligning with your purpose. You may have already had an ‘a-ha!’ moment during that retrograde. It’s will be easy to get moving towards the right direction.


November’s New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th is the perfect time to launch that new path forward. The universe will naturally align your rebirth, as an eclipse is just rearing and ready to go! You’ll be swept into a moment of newness. Ride that wave of change and hold your head up high. You’ve got some optimistic adventures ahead and a fresh start under your feet! You can free up channels of communication and thought that are bogging you down on the 19th’s full moon in Gemini. It’s ok to have a solid decision, you may not need to be flexible, as you are being lead to believe. Choose to fill your mind and communication with nourishment and not negativity. Of course you don’t want to check out completely, but reducing the use of electronics and media consumption will be an excellent way to get a good balance this time. Clean up your inbox, your feed, and the friend list. By pruning the social and communications clutter back, new opportunities will grow.


The new moon on the 4th might have you making some spontaneous plans. Have an adventure and release expectations. Make it a wonderful day! Reflect on your experience. What elements of adventure, fun, and philosophy, might you want to ring in for 2022. On the 18th that full moon arrives in the sign of Gemini, bit will have a heavy emphasis of Cancer. It’s time to prepare a warm and fuzzy conversational environment in the home. Invest effort in comfortable celebration. Get creative about finding new and safe ways to entertain. Cozy, secure, and comfortable, are key elements! Let yourself feel the sappy cheery love of this full moon, as uncomfortable as it may be. If you need to celebrate online. That’s ok too. Create a meal with foods that nourish your soul, pour a beverage that warms the heart, and join the family on a Zoom or FaceTime. Show off your cozy decor and connect. Nurture through talking, heal personal wounds in a safe environment, all by connecting with your emotions and being the person you needed. It may be time to let go of painful trauma or hurtful traditions, before you begin new ways of life for your beautiful loving self! Don’t let duality hold you back from healing or finding happiness this month. You are whole.

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