Friday Affirmation: I can do less and attract more

This week I stopped my daily social media posts and scrolling, and started focusing on being present. As soon as I did, I felt free and was so energized! The universe delivered little glimpses of abundance to me that I am grateful for, some were hilarious and oddly specific manifestations.

I had been dreading leaving the house recently because I’ve been working alot in various things and felt exhausted. But I had to get a paint scraper so I could start on some peeling paint. Before I did, I decided to take my very first walk around my new little neighborhood because the weather was perfect. I found myself filled with gratitude when I returned home. Out of curiosity I walked around my own yard to see what little plants were popping up. To my delight, a really high quality paint scraper was laying in my garden, just waiting for me to pick it up (the previous owner must have dropped it last fall). The Universe has a great sense of humor.

How does this affirmation show up for you?

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