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Daily Tarot Card Reading: 10 of Wands (Reversed).

A moment of relief. This Moon in Libra energy is showing that together anything can be accomplished. When you manifest behind movements that support justice and change from the highest source, for the greatest good, for all involved… the Universe will support your beautiful vision. Thank you @staceyabrams and all of those who contributed to getting out the vote for positive change. Wouldn’t Ms. Abrams be exceptional at the head of the DNC?

Please note: The pluto transits and general astrological energy of today, does NOT support constructive protesting for ethical social justice. Please take this time today instead, to reflect on how far we’ve come and the beautiful achievements we have yet to make, for the greater good, in the future.

Let’s love and support black women always, not just on election days.

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#tarotmeaning #messageoftheday #psychicreadingsbybrandi #10ofwandsreversed #staceyabrams

#tarotmeaning #messageoftheday #psychicreadingsbybrandi #10ofwandsreversed #staceyabrams