Weekend Affirmation: “I’m in awe at the magnificent guidance that’s available to me.”

2020 has been something else. Although we’ve been working our tails off just to make it this year, I’m certainly #grateful for the growth and #learning I’ve accomplished. For someone who’s favorite date is coffee and the library, I usually have tons of fun trying to explore something new. It’s how I recharge, it’s part of how I am reborn continuously. Shed what no longer #resonates, shed what no longer serves the greatest good and the best outcome. But make critical connections and layer foundations that will help guide you. It’s a way I have learned to love myself and honor this life, without having family or elders to talk with.

One of the most difficult challenges this year, and also one of the most rewarding, was deciding to go within and begin tapping into my abilities again. It’s a constant conflict, and an odd dance with imposter syndrome. But it’s truly an amazing experience every time.

In this day and age it’s easy to believe anything you read and it’s crucial to check sources. Make sure you are learning from those who are committed to #growth, are #humble in their teaching, and are heart centered.

This year I began studying under @thetarotlady by listening to her super helpful podcasts, reading her books, and taking her classes on Patreon. I’ve made some really great new friends from her morning show TTT. This fall I’m really looking forward to adding a new skill by starting astrology classes with @sfreynolds. I’m incredibly grateful for these opportunities, to make new connections, and to #expand.

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