Fall 2020 Reading List

Well it’s about time to nestle in and enjoy the aromatics of fall with a good book. Do you have a favorite snuggly blanket? This is the favorite snuggly blanket in our household. Take a nice deep breath, think of a lovely crackling hearth, and listen to those crispy leaves blowing around in the brisk fall wind. Don’t forget your sweater! “Sweata weatha!” Start sipping on a hot mug of tea or cider, because here are a few books I recommend diving into this fall.

  • Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. I dug into her New Moon Astrology book a while back, and after reading the chapter on North Nodes, I had to get this one too!
  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. This is a must for folks working through trauma or PTSD. It shines a relatable light on experiences, and talks about the psychosomatic and physiological aspects of trauma and anxiety. If you work with clients who have experienced trauma, this book can help you develop a more informed approach.
  • Witches, Sluts, and Feminists by Kristen J. Sollee. This is a great book that will take you down a most delightful bliblographical rabbit hole. Although it is a short read at about 75 pages, you’ll have written down at least five more recommended titles and authors by the time you’ve finished. It packs a punch!
  • The Magical Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile. This one braids itself into your being, and resonates over and over again. It really is as lovely as it sounds.
  • Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed. I have a million questions in my mind, always, about astrology. This is a very easy to understand guide to get you up and running. You’ll learn the basics in no time, as astrology is a complex lifelong study!
  • The Second Coming of the KKK by Historian Linda Gordon should be a must read for folks in the US. It highlights a cultural turning point that nobody talks about. If you still think the Klan is a bunch of rednecks or hillbillies spewing hate and intimidation in robes, think again. The foundational legacy of the Klan as a social organization in the 1920s embedded itself in the fabric of our nation, and requires careful consideration today.

Where to Buy?

Don’t forget to consider shopping indie owned bookstores! The retail giants have gotten plenty out of us this past year. Support our beautiful black bookshops, as they are unfortunately rare and can only stick around if we treat them well today!

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