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Weekend Affirmation: “My ability to receive is measured by how much I practice good feeling thoughts”

A special note about this one. What thoughts count as ‘good feeling’? Think about this today. While we may tend to think that focusing on positive thoughts equates to good, I’d like you to challenge this. Because if everyone just ignores their problems and chooses to solely entertain ‘good feeling thoughts’, that is essentially escapism. We require a bit of work while here on this earth. By choosing niceness over authenticity we create more issues that need solving. Don’t avoid the deep work you may need to be doing. However, balancing the heavy stuff we are working through, by looking for the positive, can help us refill our cup when we need motivation to keep going. It can allows us to continue receiving what we need to do the work. If you need an example: Make no mistake that we cannot ‘good feeling’ our way out of systemic oppression, but we can find hope and use positive thoughts to keep us working on solving the problems at hand. That balance prevents us from shutting down in our darkest hour; it keeps us open to receive what we need to process our depths and find ourselves reborn.

I got to meet Angela Davis back in 2007 and I’ll never forget what she told me: look for the small things, the small wins, the small achievements, to keep you going.

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