2020 US Election Insight – What’s in the Cards?

So how’s your 2020 been? Ok, not a great question for anyone right now, just making sure you are paying attention to this! Where do I begin? I attended a local tarot workshop back in early January 2020, regarding the outlook of the “4” (aka the Emperor) year that 2020 would be (how do we get four? 2+0+2+0=4). The 4th card in the major arcana of Tarot is the Emperor. Four years typically are definitive energy that provide foundation and stability. I’ll tell you this much, folks left this workshop a bit frazzled at the thought of this year’s potential outcome, and for good reason. However, they were hyper-focused on existing leadership! Layer this on top of what astrologers were saying would be a pretty wild year, and we’ve got plenty of validation with the current outcome folks!

One of the topics of discussion included how we each interpreted the Emperor card energy. Most of my classmates felt sick to their stomach about the thought of authoritarian energy setting our future foundation. My perspective was futuristic and met with low brow glares indicating naivety; as I felt the potential for more nurturing masculine energy was on the horizon towards the end of 2020. New structural energy with much healthier boundaries that would restore social justice where there is unrest, and create a foundation for balance and equality. Keywords: Safety, Security, Stability. I’m feeling like this interpretation may be coming from my personal experience with parentification, and hope for the next generation really taking the reigns to guide our future. If you really look at things, who is acting like the two year old testing boundaries and having tantrums? Who really needs the structure and reform? These can be healthy boundaries, they don’t always translate to toxic or oppressive. This is not meant to minimize or deny what is currently happening in our world. This is solely addressing my interpretation of what is up next!

In my eyes, the current order of things is amock. Indicating how an opposing candidate would subvert the chaos and violence brought forth by our current administration. I can understand various perspectives on the Emperor, but this is my intuition for this reading, at this moment in time. We already know that there is positioning to vilify the election outcome, and we know he is going to hold on tight. But with a country that is in the midst of what appears to be a civil race war, with an economic drop that will most likely outweigh that of the Great Depression, and with the mismanagement of the COVID19 pandemic, structure from another candidate will be welcome. Very specific and organized action would be required to achieve that outcome.



My classmates felt that this year was a moment that would simply solidify the fascism of our current president. But let’s consider the very good possibility of flipping the script. If we can pull from our ancestral knowledge, learn what our part is in all of this, and keep our eye on the prize, this year is salvageable. We are meant to be cycle breakers. We are meant to heal ancestral traumas. Let’s face it. You most likely will not be able to leave the country due to COVID restrictions, nor substantially discuss the privileged fantasy of moving to Canada. But you can stand up and speak out for a US that provides a better, safer, more stable place for ALL of us. Not just the folks it was designed to provide for (white folks). I’m one of them, I know! We have the potential to really Chip and Joanna the sh#t out of this place, for the sake of all that is caring!

Before you get all conspiracy theory on the information below. Keep in mind that this reading is simply a reflection of the cards pulled for this reading last Sunday. Is everything set in stone? Absolutely not, we create our future. Without further adieu. Below is my reading on the 2020 election. Take what resonates.



Overall Theme of Election

Top Card (Row 1): Knight of Wands Reversed



Passionate action is the theme, but strategy is KEY. This card can sometimes warn us when someone is trying to lead with no substance. It’s not going to be pretty, we will have MANY obstacles to overcome. This election is lighting a fire under our butts. Organize, stay focused, and it will be worth it! This card literally embodies the idea ‘where there is a will, there IS a way’. Time to jump right into new ideas and get creative. It should not deter us from progress, if the outcome is for the greatest good for all involved. As you see this knight appears fast, agile, and focused. We are thirsty and ready for positive changes, we just need to know the plan and where to apply our focus! Set backs are plentiful, deal with them and keep moving.

2020 Election Insight - Tarot - Psychic Readings by Brandi - www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com
2020 Election Insight – Tarot – Psychic Readings by Brandi – http://www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

Character of each candidate



Row 2 (Left) Queen of Swords – Donald Trump


This person has experience looking for trouble and is actually much smarter than we think. His words can be weapons, and people cling to them religiously. Trump is focused on what is right in front of him, and may have little regard for the consequences of his actions. He believes in an order of business only, and rarely factors in the emotions of others, as they are simply distracting. His attention does not tolerate excessive details and he only wants abbreviated or summarized information. Whatever his views are, he honestly believes them. Folks are intimidated by him because he sets very strict boundaries. He won’t go down without a fight.



Row 2 (Right) The Chariot – Joe Biden

This person will overcome obstacles set forth, as long as he’s very focused. If he’s truly committed to the work, he will reach his destination with ease. He certainly has the confidence and the equipment to get him there. As long as he doesn’t scatter his attention and stays front and center, this person has a victory in the bag. This persona is also typically reflective of an underdog that makes it out on top. He doesn’t have time to take a back seat position on this journey, and he will truly need to go with the flow, in order to stay on target. His willpower requires unprecedented courage and strength this time, there is no room to mess around.



Potential outcome for each respective candidate



Row 3(Left) 7 of Swords Reversed – Donald Trump

Thievery, deception, and scheming are key traits of this card. It shows up when someone is trying to get away with something big time. If there is crime involved, this card usually exposes it. Another interesting trait about this card, it also shows up when someone starts to feel insecure, like an imposter. It’s as if they have dug their own hole so deep, they are carrying so many self-imposed burdens, and they finally realize there is no getting out of it. Look at all of the excessive swords this person is trying to steal, it’s not just stealing, it’s an excessive theft, and it’s weighing him down. He wont get far, but he’s not thinking about that while he is completing the act. Additionally, he’s hoarding the resources of an entire group that needs them. Another fun fact? This card can also signal an affair, and your partner may decide to clear the air by exposing it. Whether it is a sketchy political relationship, or scandal, only time will…wait a second! Another? I interpret this card as Trump finally realizing that he’s not cut out for this job, the country is in turmoil and he’s in over his head. He wont be able to hide from his problems, and will begin to crack in time. The country will most likely vote him out successfully, but he will do anything to frame it as though it was an unfair election and will challenge for a recount, or pursue other legal avenues to try and hold onto his goods. He’ll sink with the ship if he doesn’t accept his flaws with grace and move on.



Row 3 (Right) 5 of Swords Reversed – Joe Biden

This battle is ugly. It’s like you’re working so hard and have obvious, sensible solutions, but making absolutely no progress. Many see this card as fighting so hard, at excessive cost, which may force you to cut your losses. They interpret it as losing all faith in reconciliation and then giving up. I’m reading this card as, yes we may have lost a lot, but it’s a foreground for a new future of possibilities that will be full of creative energy and positive change. He’ll have deliverables to attend to from various groups needing help. How will he truly meet our needs and unify? As long as we can learn from our mistakes and reshape our outcome through social justice, we’ll be on solid ground for a beautiful future. The key reason I am interpreting this card as such? Next year’s theme is the year of the Heirophant; which will be about learning and growing through spiritual shifts, and some deep introspection of how we’re applying schools of knowledge to the various systems that affect our lives. Then in 2022 we shift into a year of the Lovers, which means new unions, choices, harmony, healing, new beginnings! You see? There is plenty of hope. This election can be won. But it will not be pretty, it will not feel good. Folks will most likely be disgusted by what we experience, astrologers predict this even more so from September through mid-November. But WE can make a difference,  IF we take action now. No matter how little of a task. Show up! Do the thing! It is needed. It WILL make a difference! Be a part of history.



What is their key form of support?



Row 4 (Left) The Devil – Donald Trump

Addictive behavior, overabundance, impulse, and greed, are the forms of support this person uses. Manipulation and non-consentual domination will be employed. This person has the ability to control those who are desperately wanting a pecking order in which they feel valued, capitalist life has failed them. What they don’t understand is that their bondage is created by their own limiting beliefs. They could commit their energy to something much greater, but their leader has seduced them into the addictive drug of nationalism (breaking those destructive separatist habits would be too much work). Everyone wants to fit in, but they’re going at it the wrong way. They feel like they’re on top of the world, under his chains. Before you know it, he seduces them to destroy, or could even manifest their own death, but in a very clever and manipulate way. When folks finally realize his influence over them, and how he has led them astray; he will gaslight and they will suffer the consequences, not he.


Row 4 (Right) The World – Joe Biden

This candidate has the world on his side. He will leverage major alchemy of the moment to move us into a new cycle, fertile with possibility. Success is on his side, and a means to a traumatic end is in sight. He will unite masses with the vision of wholeness via unity. Mobility will be a draw for folks rallying behind this candidate. Possibilities are endless, this is a moment of true evolution and the sky is the limit. What he does with this incredible moment in history and our world’s fate, is of the utmost importance. The world is in his hands. This card comes up when someone has conquered a huge feat and comes out on top, shining! It is a joyous card filled with celebratory undertones. This win is different, it celebrates an evolutionary shift that becomes a vision of permanence (“we’re never looking back”). Although I’m voting for Biden, with zero doubts…I can’t help but think to myself that my first choice would have been much more deserving of the victory and significance behind this moment. I’m sure others may feel the same. However, I do encourage you to put those feelings aside and help us rally behind Biden. The age of Aquarius is here and we’re ready for rebirth!



What is Our Role?

2020 Election Action Items - PsychicReadingsbyBrandi.com - Psychic Readings by Brandi
2020 Election Action Items – PsychicReadingsbyBrandi.com – Psychic Readings by Brandi


Top Row – 6 of Pentacles

Give it everything you’ve got! Help this country out. If you have a resource or skill to contribute, be generous. We need you.

Action Items – 2nd Row

Based upon your medium of support, see the various reads on each way you can affect change below.

Helping Register Voters and Request Absentee Ballots – 7 of Pentacles. You’re going to feel incredibly fulfilled come election time, if this is your main method of showing up! The person on the card is admiring the fruits of their labors all around them. The are celebrating the success of hard work.

Donating a portion of your sales to a nonprofit that supports social justice – 2 of cups. Building bridges and creating healing. You are going to gain a valued and nurturing relationship with this avenue of action.

Donate money to an organization that will move your goal forward – Ace of Pentacles. This will bring surprise luck! You will manifest abundance in unexpected ways. Think happy surprises, a result of your joyful giving. Ace of Pentacles can also reflect a new job, new opportunity, or a windfall of resources!

Physically supporting a movement with your presence – 8 of pentacles. You are going to learn something different and will get hands on. You’ll build a new perspective and develop valuable experiences by showing up for peaceful demonstration, creating music/art, working the polls, etc. This will be woven into the fabric of who you are and what you do for years to come.

Outcome – 3rd Row: 6 of Wands.

This card reflects the outlook you’ll have if you take action (no matter how small) and do your part. You’ll be shamelessly riding high and feeling so good about the big V, once it’s all said and done! Start simple and challenge yourself to think bigger with each step. Build that muscle of social change, love, and unity, through direct action and accountability.

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