Daily Tarot Card Reading: Queen of Cups (Reversed). Life is to be felt in all it’s entirety. The Queen of Cups teaches us to break the societal concept of “you are too sensitive”, because feeling our emotions is in truth brave and advanced. Emotions allow us to learn, and to grow. Not just emotionally and mentally, but spiritually. It is wise to accept the information of our sacred emotions and use them to an advantage in this life. They teach us so much, they provide deep complex lessons. She tells us not to bottle up, for it becomes a waste of these precious gifts; but to hold the gift of their experience close. Today, it’s sage advice to walk into your feelings and allow yourself to experience them. If you are in an environment where you fear being vulnerable, ask yourself why. How might you change the situation? Allow it to be a catalyst for movement, take whatever steps you can to create a world that is possible for you to be your best self. Small steps equate to big steps over time. Hold space for those emotions and learn to harness them for growth.

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