Multiple people have reached out to me about Saturday, so I pulled a spread for this weekend. July 4th-5th, we have a planetary parade happening, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse. Eclipses can cause unpredictable outcomes. Sometimes what happens during an eclipse can also have a trailing effect that pops up to affect us again over the next 6 months. We are also in the midst of multiple Retrogrades, which may feel like stagnation in progress, increased miscommunication, and challenges us to rethink our role in the world. My spread interpretation is below. It would certainly be interesting if applied to US politics, so I’ll keep an eye on headlines this weekend.

With the Ten of Cups Reverse there could be isolation of a person from a particular group/familiar circle that they would normally belong to. Someone will be struggling to fit in, or have a hard time finding acceptance.

Ten of Wands indicates enough is enough, something needs to be prioritized over another. We may feel overwhelmed by the information/burdens we are sorting through, in order to process a decision. We could feel like we’re carrying a heavy load and still have a long distance to go. It will be important to focus on what is most vital, release anything dragging us down, and move forward.

The fire energy of the Queen of Wands tells me the outcome could be a bit of a shock, as in nature the element of fire usually destroys, in order to allow new life to form. This will give us a sense of motivation in the form of renewed energy and sophisticated passions. She tells us to prepare for movement in the future.

Turn towards your family/friends that are dear to you and love them with all your heart this weekend! Find a renewed sense of joy in your sacred space at home. It’s Cancer sign season and that is what this energy is all about. Use water to help you focus (baths, swimming, etc). Stay hydrated and cook a delicious meal! Nurture your relationship with ‘family’, your home, and hold space for those deep emotions. These emotions deserve your attention.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, make peace and compassion a part of it.

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Tarot Insight for the weekend of 7/4/2020 – Psychic Readings by Brandi –

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