Hello friends! Remember to stay grounded during this New Moon in Cancer! It can be easy to get lost in our emotions and feelings. It’s the perfect time to process and do our inner work right now. However, it will serve you well if you take good care of yourselves using water elements (e.g. baths, swimming, long showers, staying hydrated, enjoying bodies of water, and even having a good cry). Make sure you clear your mind with prayer or meditation, so that you are grounded, before you head off to bed.

Here are three types of crystals you could work with to help compliment the grounding you mindfullly do throughout the day: Tiger’s Eye, Septarian Shield, and Citrine.

Crystals for New Moon in Cancer – Psychic Readings by Brandi – www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

Easy grounding meditation for beginners: Plant your feet flat on the ground and imagine tree roots growing from the bottom of your feet to the Earth’s Core. Then imagine yourself inside of a glowing white light of protection. Close your eyes and feel your body sink back into it’s physical space, if it feels it has been hovering in front of or behind your physical space throughout the day. 

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