October Tarot Readings at the Fharmacy Public House

Life can certainly be overwhelming (even terrifying) at times, with so many choices and unknowns weighing on our minds… Is anxiety over such a choice casting a shadow on your day-to-day life? Are you searching for something…. inspiration, validation or even closure? Could a psychic reading be a way to find some guidance?
Join us for a pint at The Fharmacy Public House on Thursday, October 12th, and enjoy a personal psychic reading by Brandi! Readings are first come, first serve and are $25.00. Brandi accepts cash, credit cards, PayPal or Venmo.
Brandi is an ethical & professional psychic clairvoyant and medium, with over a decade of experience. Trusted and respected. She specializes in a multitude of psychic modalities, each one suited to fit her client’s needs. Her work focuses on providing clarity which inspires you to embrace change.
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