Janesville Renaissance Faire 2022

This weekend we had absolutely perfect Wisconsin weather for record-breaking attendance at the Janesville Ren Faire! I chose to read tarot at the faire for my first public event, because the admissions are used for local high school scholarships. Being a first generation college student and scholarship recipient myself, I was totally on board with showing my support!! While I was only expecting a few readings here or there, we had lines all day, both days. I’ve made some adjustments and will be doing sign up sheets in the future, so folks don’t need to wait around as much 😉

Photos from Saturday

Photos from Sunday

But can I tell you about these beautiful souls that came through my tent and sat at my little table this weekend? We had families, best friends, fellow healers and psychics, couples, and my gosh it was just the BEST energy. I’m grateful I trusted the universe, took the leap, and tried an in-person event. I’ve been reading remotely (except for on-site investigations) for about 12 years now. I think you’ll be seeing more of me in the coming months, Wisconsin. I have an important deadline in June I can’t exactly talks about. Let’s just say I may have another fun announcement coming up in July, so please stay tuned!

If you missed getting a reading from me at the faire, please know you can always book one here! Although you may not believe it until you experience it for yourself, virtual readings (how I have run my business for years) are very effective. Consider the fact that I can concentrate even more.

Virtual not your thing? That’s ok. I’m attending two more May events.

Enjoy your week everyone!

New friends from Mystic Moraine Minerals!
For those who asked… Turtles won BOTH days!

Welcome to my tarot tent!