Full Moon in Virgo – March 2022

Full Moon in Virgo 2022

I just got back from my vacation in the Dominican Republic, wow was it fantastic! But I am so ready to roll now. With the dreamyfloatyintuitive season of Pisces coming to a conclusion, the full moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022 will be a welcome energy for many. If you would like to find out how to prepare, read on.

The Signs Involved

Virgo is a sign represented by organization, details, edits, receipts, tracking things. On full moons we typically want to release things that are no longer serving us, or review what we’ve been doing and check on how we can change it up to improve our progress going forward. What do we get when both of those energies combine? We are in a great place this full moon to start some big spring cleaning, whether it is physical clutter, or mental clutter…or for many people both. I always get a cleaning bug and love scrubbing things down, as well as getting rid of stuff.

If you are feeling as though the pisces season has your ‘head in the clouds’ and you want to get back to business, this is the time to kick it into gear. Clear out the clutter, clean the fridge, edit your work, scan in that stack of paperwork and toss the paper, measure the progress you’ve made on a goal and cut out what practices may be lagging. Are you a homeowner? Open up the garage or the basement and start getting rid of the excess.

Why Clearing Matters

When we reduce physical and mental clutter, we have a better sense of our space and our bearings. We improve our focus when we have to manage less. 2022 is the year of the lovers. This means new relationships, new dynamics, new ways to fall in love with life. Instead of hiding behind your relationships to all of the ‘stuff’, this is the perfect year to come out and deepen your relationship with new opportunities, new ideas, and new people. With spring on its way, get ready to plant metaphorical seeds for what you want to come your way. Make room to support that instead of the ‘stuff’ that might be holding you down.

Scientists have now communicated across multiple studies that a better quality of happiness is found when we invest in experiences, in comparison to possessions. When we learn to practice detachment and develop healthy boundaries, we can master our energy and especially our peace. Now THAT is the truly sacred stuff!

Moon-D.R. © Psychic Readings by Brandi
Moon-D.R. © Psychic Readings by Brandi

An Emotional Goodbye

There may be a moment during this ‘spring cleaning’ where emotions overcome us. The end of pisces season is afoot. Pisces is a water sign tied to emotional energy, relationships, and our ability to “dream”. We should look at whether we are tied to our clutter, be it mental or physical. We may hold on based upon family trauma or a scarcity mindset, it can keep us stagnant in a place or state of mind that no longer exists. It’s ok to acknowledge if this is happening in your world. But know when it’s becoming an unhealthy behavior that has chained you to a world that is not truly yours.

To keep yourself centered in your own power, find a simple way to honor a memory; and release the rest. Don’t let that thing, thought, or that habit, take up real estate in your life. You get to define what composes your mental and physical space, and don’t worry for a second about holding onto something that was actually part of someone else’s mental or physical space.

Cleansing After Clearing

Once you are done with all of that organizing, editing, cleaning, and clearing, open up those windows and introduce fresh air to your newly defined space. It would be a great time to do a smoke cleansing with your favorite herbs, a space blessing, or to refresh any crystal grids. Have fun with it and welcome the new energetic movement and flow you’ve created, with this month’s clearing process. If you did more of a mental de-clutter, it may be good time to do a nice cleansing meditation, or treat your somatic issues with a new tradition (maybe you’ll go on walks, eat better, work with a therapist, receive reiki, budget finances, or start using affirmations)

Stay tuned because I’ll also be releasing an entirely different post about the Spring Equinox on March 20th, which occurs this weekend!


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