What is a Pluto return? Why is everyone talking about it? Do I need to prepare?

Before we begin. This article has several links within it to articles, documentaries, social media accounts, podcasts, etc. It’s an interactive post that encourages you to explore while you read. That’s how my brain usually works while I read, so consider it a way of tapping into my process.

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This is how pillow talk sounds in our home. I wish I was kidding. However we don’t really have a choice, but to engage in discussion like this. And I’m grateful for that. I’ll credit the part in CAPS to my hubs.

Another thing I’d like to add. Our current form of Capitalism is also taxation without representation. Lobbyists controlling the government left and right. Wages not meeting cost of living standards in decades.

Generationally speaking, we are struggling in a different way than our ancestors. While the cost of living has gone up over time. Wages have not. Our grandparents and parents essentially had it easier economically than we did. All the while corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes, but aren’t paying liveable wages either. Corporations are currently reporting record level profits, their highest in 70 years, and that’s AFTER taxes.

This economy is an evolution of “taxation without representation”.

Tuesday brings the US Pluto return right? Technically it was a day ago. However, the energy of the US pluto return essentially began to ramp up in 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn met up. This Pluto return transit is going to make waves through 2023. The last time Pluto was in this area was July 4th, 1776. And we all know what happened that year!

Pluto will continue to apply scorpionic pressure to the US. It’s getting down to the bottom of everything. There’s a means to an end. Rebirth. Like a phoenix that will rise from the ashes, eventually. Pluto is here to unveil all of the dirty and dark secrets of the US. Anything hidden, swept under rugs, it’s all coming out during this transit. But all for the good of what ales ya.

This Pluto return occurs in the sign of Capricorn. Think money honey. Remember back in 2009 when we experienced the most recent recession? That was kinda like the shadow phase. Think bringing all those dirty unconscious biases to the forefront. Think bringing forth a path to create security, stability, and safety, to those who may not have access to it currently. And the power? Well it will be with the people that are the most underserved, but overworked. It’s a time where anything corrupt causes the people to come together. We’re essentially on track to make things right.

Are you keeping up with current events? If you’re not, today is a good day to begin. The scope of social justice is phenomenal at this moment in time! Which leads me to the final question. How does this impact you? And do you need to prepare?

Might I suggest what the amazing Jessica Lanyadoo mentions here? That’s right, I’ve been saying it for years. Roll up your sleeves, you are needed now! Choose one cause you can get behind, and plant your seed of faith by doing one thing.

If you are feeling in the dark about politics, but you want to vote, take a look at your local league of women voters. They offer easy educational presentations, local debates, they even help make sure folks like isolated seniors can get their votes in.

To circle back to the tweet that started this post. Yes, voter suppression is taxation without representation. The prison industrial complex, access to clearly represented education, as well as systemic forms of oppression via policies and policing, are also huge contributors to voter suppression. The current system is working as designed. Pluto will help us find a way to adjust that. In 1776 our nation was born, how will we be reborn between 2020 and 2024? Be a force of good. We’re shifting, so ride the wave of change!

Psychic Readings by Brandi ©

Do you want to educate yourself, about white supremacist organizations and the current fight to dismantle their tactics? This is just a handful of resources to get you started below. There are so many more!

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