Mars retrograde began just over a week ago. It will last until Mid November. This is a time to review your relationship with and habits surrounding: anger, frustration, and passion. You may feel like you have to roll hard on a million things right now. Mars Rx is a time to challenge yourself to rest and reflect, otherwise you could be making time to rest against your will (e.g. injury, sickness, etc.). Another tip during this time…do NOT start fights. You will lose!

In just over one week Mercury will also go into retrograde. This is a time when communications and useful machinery could malfunction. Ensure your computer is backed up, your car is in good shape, etc. Communication will require you to think very hard before you speak or hit send. If something does go down, take a step back and reflect on how you could avoid something like it in the future. Mercury retrograde is also a time you should avoid planning trips, and if you do travel… allow PLENTY of time for delay. Be prepared, so you can move through this time like a pro!

Graphic by Spirit Daughter check them out!!!