New Moon in Virgo

Thursday’s New Moon in Virgo is a great time to start a new goal in the following realms:
  • job tasks or career strategy
  • physical health
  • organization and efficiency
  • correcting discriminant or perfectionist habits


The New Moon will be in full effect around 7am. However, the energy typically lasts a span of three full days (the day before, the day of, and the day after). Write down a list of things you want to get going in your life. Envision what life will look like when you have made those things happen.
Remember that self-care is not always indulgent spa-like behaviors. A lot of times self care is taking a good hard look at what we need to cut out of our life that no longer serves us; and then taking the steps to welcome newness and growth. In order to do these things we need to welcome organization, eliminate harm we may be causing others, getting our lives in focus by untangling any knots, and taking a look at how we are advocating for and honoring our bodies and health. We are taking small steps toward becoming our best self, we’re getting our shit in line with that beautiful life we were meant to live!
Once you have your goals listed, set a plan of action to get those babies rollin’! Bit by bit, you will be amazed at what setting intentions can actually manifest in your life! Remember to come from a place of integrity, for the best outcome for all involved. Pull that energy from the highest and most positive source. Feel your heart expand with warmth, take deep long breaths, as you envision it happening!
Judgment was our card of the day! It reflects seasons ending and beginning!
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