NEW Podcast! Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark [Teaser Trailer]

Love yourself a good podcast? Oh so do I! I’m excited to announce my latest creative project! Check out the trailer for my new podcast, Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark, below. Episode 1 is scheduled to drop August 1st on Apple, Podbean, Stitcher, AND Spotify! I’m also working on that good old Google (fingers crossed). I’ll be releasing biweekly episodes of my personal psychic stories and plan to have a couple special guests along the way!

About Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark Podcast

Psychics share personal paranormal experiences. From encounters with ghosts, orbs, disembodied voices, shadow figures, to visits from the dead, we all have an eerie story to tell. Join your host Psychic Readings by Brandi, for these scary psychic tales, IF you dare!

Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark Podcast

Recommended for fans of: Horror, Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Psychic stuff, Spooky stuff, and lovers of generally oddities or creepy things.

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*Special thank you to the lovely Theresa Reed, for her Patreon community; which includes fantastic classes on how to create a podcast!* Couldn’t have done it so easily without you!