Daily Tarot Card Reading: King of Wands (reverse). It’s wonderful to harness the vibrant energy of this world, in order to make your biggest dreams come true. However, today’s message is about addressing inner selfishness and greed. When we think of a Leo’s greatest challenge, they typically have a difficult time giving credit where due. This card is big Leo energy. In reverse, it tells us to lift others up and share the spotlight. Especially if they have input you haven’t been paying attention to, or maybe you are incorporating their ideas into your work without mention. What good is success or fame, if you have stepped on your faithful teammates in the process? Your true nature will be revealed in due time, if you choose to continue on a route such as this. Your trusty team may eventually let you fall hard, if you continue to be stuck in old ways. This card invites you to understand an impressive leadership hack. Learn to balance your leadership by listening, staying authentically humble, and taking action to be supportive. You will be rewarded well, if you work on mastering these skills.

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