We may see some important information, or secrets, unveiled soon. The things we say or do may also come back to revisit us in a few months. So choose your words carefully and act with mindfulness. This is also not a wise time to overindulge. Discipline, love, and compassion are key. The moon’s current phase reflects that this is a good time to review anything we have already been working on that may be in progress already. It’s a good time to ask what we can do to help make us healthy, strong, and secure; and then make appropriate adjustments.

This weekend we’re having a rare ‘planetary parade’, just before the full moon rise (which will include a lunar eclipse). A planetary parade happens when multiple planets are visible in the same night sky, but not necessarily all at once. Think more like parade floats. This level of planetary parade last happened in the 1980s and will not occur again for over 100 years.

What’s more unique is that this planetary parade is occurring before the moonrise, which will include a lunar eclipse. The moon does have an effect on our environment, which is why farmers and health care workers tend to track it so closely. It not only affects our Earth’s gravitational pull with tides and groundwater being pulled higher than usual. The term “lunacy” is also derived from the Latin word ‘luna’ (moon).

Dr. Chris Baird explains in When do the planets in our solar system all line Up? “The moon’s gravity is primarily responsible for the daily ocean tides. The near alignment of the sun and the moon does have an effect on the earth, because their gravitational fields are so strong. This partial alignment occurs every full moon and new moon, and it leads to extra strong tides called “spring tides”. The word “spring” here refers to the fact that the water seems to leap up the shore with the extra strong tides every two weeks, and not that they occur only in the Spring season.”

based upon the unpredictability of a lunar eclipse’s effect on our current energetic makeup, and considering we are currently experiencing several retrogrades, you may want to avoid setting intentions, trying to start new ventures, travelling, or partying this weekend. As much as I love celebrating, this weekend appears to be more focused on self control. It would be an excellent time to be with family, to start a new fitness plan, work on learning some new healthy meals, and using water to relax.

Have a safe holiday, spend time near home with your loved ones. Rest, recharge, and remember to use compassion and love in whatever you may do

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