Daily Tarot Card Reading: the Emperor (reverse). Something or someone is going unchecked. There’s an imbalance in power and someone is being selfish, or trying to dictate circumstances. However, there is strong indication they will fail. Year 2020 itself is a 4 year, the year of the Emperor. This year’s theme is all about strategy, immense growth, and restoring true balance. This year is all about levelling up in wisdom, by serving the greatest outcome for all involved. You may need to navigate the system, but do whatever you can to be of service and humility to the new reality being built around you. Work towards an evolution with compassionate leadership. You may need to face some uncomfortable feelings and work through them. That is all part of growth. Embrace the challenges ahead when it comes to your current concept of authority and control. You are holding on to what is familiar, instead of thinking big. Greater things are in store. Look to other examples of problem solving, structure, and success, in order to help you understand. Be humble.

Special note: most people who are affected by patriarchy tend to scoff at this card. I have noticed throughout time I have changed my perspective of it, to see it as maybe a nurturing parent, or even a cancer sign energy. I personally identify it as a person in my life who’s calm care and structure are nurturing, instead of oppressive.

The Emperor (reversed) – Daily Tarot Card Reading – Psychic Readings by Brandi – www.psychicreadingsbybrandi.com

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