Today we have a New Moon in Gemini!

What does that mean for you? Well it is a really great time to clean up and organize. It’s also ideal for getting plants into the ground. Another benefit of this new moon is the social aspect. You’ll be refreshed from any burnout due to socializing, and ready for more. You might have a ton of creative energy, so find a good way to get that out of your system! This is a solid time for introspection and self care. Don’t be afraid to make time to take a nice bath, walk around in nature, and really treat yo self. Light some candles, have a campfire, light incense, or do some saging. Grounding and balance after a little energetic cleansing will prepare you for big beautiful things!

If you use affirmations, make wishes, or set intentions; this would be a good time to look at aspects of your life in duality. What are strengths and what are challenges? What should you keep and what needs to go? Think about how great it will feel to release anything dragging you down in life. Envision yourself exactly how you want to be, in all of your glory, and believe it is already happening.

Green Witchcraft by Paige Vanderbeek
Green Witchcraft by Paige Vanderbeek –