Thursday I really enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend from psychic school during a paranormal investigation. They reached out to me recently because a local tavern in the area needed a discreet investigation. Apparently staff was experiencing activity prior to the COVID19 lockdown. The owner has been renovating during lockdown and the staff working the renovation wanted to have the paranormal piece looked into. Since the building has been vacant for a couple of months, risk was low, so I decided to help out!

It’s been 6 years since I completed a paranormal walk through. My last one caused me to never want to do one again. They typically involve visiting a location that may or may not include a team of investigators. I prefer to vet potential clients beforehand. That means I do not work with clients who are fascinated by what they caused by agitating spirit (yes, it happens all the time 🙄). This ensures the experience will be safe. If a paranormal team is reaching out to me, I confirm they are ethical and professional in their practice. This means folks who do not angrily provoke spirit or use methods that could cause more problems down the road.

Another thing I vet for, are people hunting for paranormal cash cows. This is when a person reaching out is looking for validation that could support paranormal tourism or monetization. Stuff like that is a big NO for me. I could talk about this topic for quite a while, I may have a series or some classes on it later! Would you like to hear more about this?

But that’s how they do it on tv!

Several tv shows online glamorize crews who scream or yell, in an attempt to collect evidence. My favorite show still has to be the Travel Channel’s Dead Files, with Amy Allan and Steve Dischiavi. This show is more in the style of how my ethics align. I like to do a walk through of a space independent of the crew and owners. I will note what I am picking up and where. Then I share my information, examples of encounters, and any recommendations. Many times I will show owners how to clear and protect their space. The wonderful paranormal crews and their historical team, can then use my information to cross-reference any items they might come across. There have been some pretty amazing experiences from these walk throughs and I look forward to doing more of them in the future!