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Full Moon in Aries – October 2020

The Halloween season is here! Do you have your decorations up yet? I for sure do! The Full Moon in Aries happens on Thursday October 1st. This one will be touching base with our Wounded Healer, Chiron. What does that mean? It’s time to really access our inner healer and become the hero we need to nurture our outcome. You may feel a little raw or vulnerable during this time, it’s ok. Process those emotions and find yourself making healthier choices in the future. Need an example of what that looks like? Some may realize it’s time to cut ties with a person or organization, after a damaging argument, or when you learn a certain relationship no longer serves the greatest good. If something is opening old wounds especially, it’s time to reassess.

Full Moons are a time to release anything that is no longer serving your personal growth and best outcome. Get your space cleaned and organized. Then take a long hot bath, meditate, and listen to some good music. Nourish yourself and take it easy. Jot down your thoughts. Think about what you are ready to let go of that is no longer working in your life (e.g. people pleasing, letting fear of something control you, putting energy into something that isn’t working out, hanging onto habits that are not good, etc). Thank it for whatever lesson it has taught you and then release it!

Are you interested in more personalized information? I currently offer psychic readings and do have openings. October is a busy month in the psychic world, please make sure to book now to ensure your preferred time!