FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about psychics. Go ahead and dig in! You know you’re curious 🙂

Q: What should I expect for my first reading? I’ve never had a psychic reading before, what is it like?

A: Great question! I wrote a whole post on this topic here, and it’s one of my more popular reads. Enjoy!

Q: How accurate are psychic readings?

A: Depending upon the environment and skill level of the psychic, I would estimate about 75-80% accuracy is fairly common for an experienced psychic. If you are visiting with a psychic who has been in practice for many years, or one who has strong foundational training, their accuracy will most likely be at this level or higher. One of the most common obstacles to accuracy during a psychic reading is when a client is afraid to ‘share too much’ information because they believe it will affect credibility. This can also happen when clients withhold pertinent information because they are afraid of being truthful. As far as situations where information cannot be picked up, yes absolutely that can happen. If I’m drawing a blank on a specific question I will always tell you, and we will look at why that may be and then provide relevant information available.

Q: Do I ever have situations where I can’t connect with spirits?

A: As far as psychic mediumship goes, I can never guarantee a connection with a loved one that has passed. You should be cautious of anyone that does. Sometimes reaches out to me several days/hours before a reading and sends me relevant visions that I write down. Some days when I get to a reading the dead are excited and can’t stop talking. Some days they are nowhere to be found. Other days deceased loved ones will show up and are present during a reading, but they choose to stay quiet. It’s all about having respect for spirit, and I will never provoke or demand information from them when it is not readily and freely coming forward.

Q: Can anyone be a psychic? Is it something that we can learn?

A: Yes and Yes! Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition. Ever make a decision based on a gut feeling? Boom! You just followed your intuition. Psychic phenomena is something we haven’t totally figured out yet. It doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Scientists just recently discovered the concept of the ‘mirror neuron‘ in the late 1980s, it will probably be a while until they unlock all of the brain’s wonderful capabilities! In the meantime, we can certainly hone in on skills that will help us be more mindful and harness our abilities as we know them. I’m currently working on developing resources to help folks with this. You can sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything. That’s where I’ll announce it first!

Q: What type of psychic skills do I have? 

A: It’s very important to be informed about the type and style of reading your psychic advisor uses. Try to get a clear idea of what you want and who you want to work with before booking. This way you know what to expect and whether your values align! My most prominent skills include: Psychic Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Psychic Mediumship, Psychic Clairsentience, Retrocognition, and Psychometry. Although I do have additional abilities, I typically do not engage with them for a reading. I talk about my style and the types of readings I offer here. I also offer information on big “No”s for me, when it comes to types of readings I offer.

Q: How often should a client book a reading?

A: This is an important question, I want to be very clear on the answer. It’s great if you received a valuable experience while you were reading with me; however, I encourage you to wait at least 90 days before booking another psychic session. The reason for this? I want you to use that time to reflect on the information you received, and use it to make the best choices for yourself. You may end up evolving and understanding things much differently than you did on the day we had our reading. In addition to this, I do not encourage dependent behavior, and I reserve the right to refuse booking repeat clients that appear to be addicted to psychic readings. Read Terms & Conditions here.

Q: Do I remember my readings?

A: After I finish our reading I complete a meditation what clears my energy field and sets healthy boundaries which disconnect me from the reading space and mindset. At this point the information has been communicated; therefore, I release it into the world and am no longer attached to it. What you do with the information is up to you. Psychics should typically make a common practice of clearing their field after readings, because they can become bogged down by unnecessary energy. Therefore, most of us do not retain much information from readings because we want to start with a clean slate for each client! Think of your mailperson as an analogy. They deliver the mail to many people daily, it would be nearly impossible for them to remember each letter they deliver.

Peace and Love XO