Tell me about your experience. How did Brandi do?:
Brandi joined us for our wedding and offered tarot card readings for our guests. Our guests were absolutely in love with Brandi and having this as an optional guest experience! Brandi is kind, warm, and insightful and gives readings in a way that makes tarot more accessible for folks who might not have as much prior experience with it.

Why would others want to book a service with Brandi?:
Brandi is kickASS and we were so grateful that they joined us for our wedding day <3

How can Brandi improve for future readings?:
My wife and I ran out of time and weren’t able to receive a reading from Brandi during our wedding but that’s a reflection on us and NOT Brandi! Definitely planning on following up with Brandi to set up a post-wedding tarot reading 🙂